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Root direction
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How tree roots damage pavements

How root directors prevent root damage

Standard tree planting for street tree in unprotected tree pit.

Tree planted within root director.

Roots begin to spread beyond the confines of the planting pit.

As the tree establishes, the roots spread out and are guided downwards and outwards by the root director walls and integral ribs.

As the tree grows, the roots undergo secondary thickening which begins to lift paving and cause extensive damage. Cutting roots to repair paving or excavating the serice pipe will seriously destabilise the tree, probably leading to its death and removal.

The established tree roots spread below the barrier where secondary thickening does not harm paving. Deeper root growth also improves tree stability and drought resistance.

Designed for the protection of pavements and hard landscape areas, the root director systems divert root growth downwards and ourwards avoiding the unsightly and hazardous root damage.

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