Bespoke and Branded Street Furniture from CIS Street Furniture

Jun 24, 2010 Comments Off

CIS Street Furniture have worked closely with Local Authorities and Architects to provide bespoke street furniture across different schemes across the country.

Working with several foundries CIS can create new patterns to cover a wide range of cast iron street furniture. CIS Street Furniture also has its own manufacturing plant allowing bespoke products to be manufactured on site in both steel and stainless steel.
A wide range of products can be branded including:-
Finger Posts & Signage
Litter Bins
Planters & Hanging Basket Columns

Whether it be the incorporation of a logo or crest, or a brand new design CIS have the skills and capabilities to design and manufacture bespoke street furniture for any project.
For further information on bespoke products please call the sales department on 01335 300234

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