Anti-bomb bins

The CIS type 4180 anti-bomb bin is a blast containment litter bin and provides 360° lateral protection against fragmentation and blast pressure. The type 4180 is utilized as a regular litter bin in public areas and can also be used as a safe receptacle to temporarily store suspicious objects until appropriate authorities arrive. It has the appearance of an attractive, original and contemporary fixture and can harmoniously integrate into any urban setting.

The SECURICORB® bin is designed to withstand the explosion of 500g of plastic explosive, equivalent to 2 hand grenades. The container combines a high strength outer steel with a patented inner compressive which absorb the major blast energy and resist fragments. Residual blast energy is vented upwards away from the public, keeping the receptacle unpenetrated. In addition the SECURICORB® container is engineered to provide a highly effective means of litter control. An internal lid with lock provides a secure trash receptacle with easy service and minimum maintenance.

Anti-bomb litter bin

Anti-bomb binThe SECURICORB® containers have been extensively tested by the French department of homeland security and are currently installed in PARIS by the LOUVRES museum, Marseille Railway station, and many other public places.

The SECURICORB® was developed by CEFA in 1997, just after the terrorist bombing in the train stations in PARIS, to create an innovative blast containment receptacle to protect the public against the threat. The product range is distributed in the UK by CIS Street Furniture Ltd.

– Malls and shopping centres – Airports – Amusement parks – Train stations – Museums – Bus terminals – City streets – Government facilities

– Multi-layer technology
– Tested to withstand explosions with various explosive capacity + shrapnel’s
– Initial blast containment with remaining blast expelled vertically
– Customizable exterior
– Laminates can be designed with logos
– Accepts standard plastic garbage bags
– Very easy End-Of-Life recycling
– Very low maintenance cost.

SECURICORB® anti-bomb bin

Waste receptacles are a necessity for public waste management but can pose a serious threat to public safety, considering how easily they can conceal an explosive device planted by a terrorist. The problems solved with the SECURICORB® are control of four hazards from an improvised explosive device (IED) when detonated in a litter bin:
– Primary fragments as parts of the device that tend to be small and travel at high velocity
– Secondary fragments as parts of the bin that tend to be larger and travel at a lower velocity
– Blast pressure
– Thermal effects

Both 60 and 80 litre versions are available.

4180 4181
Steel + special liner
External diameter: 571mm
Internal diameter: 280mm
Height: 1019mm
Capacity:60 litres
Steel + special liner
External diameter: 6501mm
Internal diameter: 380mm
Height: 1022mm
Capacity:80 litres

The SECURICORB® consists of three main parts:
• the outside body with cover
• the inner basket
• the holder
The body and the holder are made of special steel, the basket and the cover are made of polyethylene. The cover is bolted by a lock operated by a triangular key. The metallic parts are painted, the polyethylene Elements are solid dyed. The hoisting kit allows to handle the assembly.
4810 anti-bomb bin