Flexi-Boll – bollards that bend over backwards

Oct 23, 2012 Comments Off on Flexi-Boll – bollards that bend over backwards

CIS Street Furniture is pleased to announce Flexi-Boll to the UK market.


This truly unique, flexible but rigid bollard is designed to outwardly look like a standard bollard, however when a force is applied to it special compounds in the polyurethane will deform allowing the bollard to bend up to 90 degrees. In fact the whole bollard can be run over and will self right in a matter of seconds. All this with little or no damage to itself and minimal or no damage to vehicles.

Flexi-boll is also available as an illuminated bollard with all of the above properties remaining intact along with an option for solar power in lieu of mains electricity. This makes the product ideal for remote roads and utilities allowing the use of energy saving carbon credits.

Flexi-BollThe Flexi-Boll range is offered with traditional or contemporary styling and a wide choice of colours with a base material of the same colour meaning minimal or no maintenance is required. This product is ideal for areas where vehicles come into contact with bollards marked for demarcation of traffic and either obstacles or pedestrians.

For extra security (such as outside shop fronts) a steel core filled with concrete can be added giving ram raid resistance to sensitive areas whilst retaining the material properties of the standard more flexible bollard elsewhere on your development. This product is ideal for the following areas of use:

  • Supermarket Car Parks
  • Airports, both air-side and non air-side
  • Ports, for vehicle holding areas
  • Roadside junction demarcation
  • Industrial Estates
  • Retail Parks
  • Town Centres
  • Cycle Lanes
  • Bus depots and Bus Stations
  • Train Station Car Parks and Drop off Points
  • Park and Ride Sites
  • Theme Parks and Visitor Attractions

In fact the permutations are almost limitless; why not download our PDF brochure (link at bottom of this page) to find out more regarding this truly remarkable product. Alternatively contact our sales department on: 01483 203 388 or send an email to sales@CIS-streetfurniture.co.uk for further information.

Download the Flexi-Boll brochure:
1.3Mb download

[pro-player  type=”mp4″ width=’530′ height=’400′ type=’video’ image=’http://www.cis-streetfurniture.co.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/flexi-boll.png’]http://www.cis-streetfurniture.co.uk/wp/wp-content/uploads/Blendtec_fixed_bollard.mp4[/pro-player]

Street furniture package for North Ormesby

Dec 09, 2011 Comments Off on Street furniture package for North Ormesby

Redevelopment of North Ormesby Market Square

Following the recent developments around the Market square, a developer’s contribution has been secured to fund environmental improvements to the market place and surrounding areas. After detailed consultation with partners, traders and the local community, plans have been agreed for the design of the square, and work begin on site in February 2011.

The Market Place layout must combine functionality with attractiveness. The design is based upon creating an area that can operate well as a market place by combining sufficient numbers of well laid out trading pitches with some associated parking, whilst also providing an attractive, multi-purpose public space when the market it not taking place. The relationship of the market to Kings Road will be strengthened which should benefit the local economy.

The works will comprise:

  • Resurfacing of the square, with the introduction on contrasting materials, and creation of more formalised parking bays to the perimeter of the square
  • Limited tree planting within the new parking areas to add some vertical elements that are currently lacking
  • The introduction of bollards and street furniture to ensure the centre of the square will be traffic free on non-market day, which will have the added benefit of controlling traffic movement within the area
  • Demolition of the existing unsightly amenity block, and the formation of replacement facilities in an existing shop unit at 36 Market Place
  • New lighting will be installed throughout the square and along Kings Road. Banners will be installed on the lighting columns and replaced with Christmas lights during the festive period
North Ormesby street furniture
North Ormesby street furniture

Goodenough College 80th Anniversary refurbishment

Dec 09, 2011 Comments Off on Goodenough College 80th Anniversary refurbishment

The Queen visited Goodenough College on Thursday 10th November 2011 as the culmination of the College’s 80th Anniversary celebrations.

During the visit, she met current members of the College and learnt about its refurbishment programme and unveiled a plaque to be placed on a new fountain in the quadrangle of William Goodenough House.

“The Queen has been our Patron since 1953 and we are delighted to welcome her on the occasion of our 80th Anniversary,” said College Director, Major General Andrew Ritchie. He added “For our students, a visit from The Queen is a treasured highlight of their time in London”.

The Queen’s visit is the culmination of more than 60 events held worldwide to celebrate the College’s 80th Anniversary. An anniversary book, The World in a London Square, has been published, and more than £200,000 has been raised through an 80th Anniversary Appeal to alumni and friends.

CIS Street Furniture supplied their 801 planters as part of the refurbishment programme.

Goodenough College planters

Tottenham Hale Retail Park Refurbishment

Sep 16, 2010 Comments Off on Tottenham Hale Retail Park Refurbishment

CIS Street Furniture were pleased to be chosen for the supply of over 650 stainless steel bollards and associated street furniture for Tottenham Hale Retail Park. Awarded by the main contractor, Kier London the project was completed through Essex based sub contractor Wilson Construction.

The project involved supplying both anti ram raid stainless steel bollards along with standard stainless steel bollards for the less security conscious areas. Anti ram raid bollards were manufactured to strict standards that met the specific specification requirements of PC World, Curry’s and Argos.

Stainless steel trolley bays were also supplied for use outside Lidl along with many lighting column protectors in powder coated mild steel. Bollards were used throughout the 600 space car park and to protect the 21 different stores on the site.

The project value was in excess of £65k and works were completed within 16 weeks. For further details please contact our sales office on 01335 300234.

Tottenham Hale Retail Park Tottenham Hale Retail Park Tottenham Hale Retail Park

New siganage for Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne

Jul 23, 2010 Comments Off on New siganage for Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne

Sovereign Harbour Marina is one of the UK’s largest marinas and a natural first port of call for international visitors crossing from the continent. Nestled within the picturesque town of Eastbourne at the foot of the South Downs, Sovereign Marina Harbour is a great place to visit. The marina boasts superb accommodation for boat owners with a comprehensive range of facilities, boat mooring for vessels up to 24m in length and 24hour lock controlled sea access, which is not tidal dependant.

Lacking in clear contemporary signs Sovereign Harbour approached CIS Street Furniture to produce a range of contemporary signage for the project. Large cast aluminium entry signs were designed to replicate the flowing lines of the Sovereign harbour logo. This theme followed on for further signage throughout the development. Shoppers needed clear concise signs to direct them to the shopping facilities. These were placed at a relatively low level to aid the disabled and partially sighted.

Directory signs were also placed within the shopping areas in an effort to direct people to relevant shopping areas. These signs were extruded aluminium with screen-printed graphics and included both wall mounted and post mounted signs. These signs had to have a degree of interchangeability about them, as some companies change from year to year. Sovereign harbour were also given a number of blank signs, this would enable them to get individual signs screen printed locally at a later date.

At last Sovereign harbour had the clear contemporary signage it had always wanted, courtesy of CIS Street Furniture.

A new look to March Market Place

Jul 23, 2010 Comments Off on A new look to March Market Place

Spring/ summer 2000 brings a new look to the centre of March. Throughout 1999 Artist Zoë Chamberlain has been working with Fenland District Council in the development of designs for a floorscape feature and integrated range of street furniture for the Market Place area that will be unique to the town. The aim, to preserve and improve the function of the space and to provide an enhanced social setting.

The overall scheme has been planned in a way which respects history and tradition, but which also looks to the future. The strong influence of the road, river and rail on the development of the town and market in particular has been established as a starting point for the development of ideas. March was the home of one of the biggest Marshalling Yards in Europe at one time, and was a central part of the life of the River Nene, which flows adjacent to the Market Place. The scheme aims in some way to reflect the important connections March still has beyond itself today.

CIS Street Furniture were chosen by Zoë and the client Fenland District Council to turn her designs into reality. Fabricated from cast iron and wood, the seating is designed to hint at railway architecture, with the tapering effect also suggesting lines disappearing into the horizon. Cast-iron bollards have been incorporated into the scheme, based on the idea of a ‘Buffer’ bollard. A hinged door allows the ‘buffer’ to be opened for access to services by traders. Smaller buffer bollards were designed to allow people to sit on them, giving a perch type seating arrangement. Railings were to show gentle tapering curves, a common theme throughout the Road, River, Rail designed project.

More information on the scheme can be found at www.zoechamberlain.com

Recyclable stainless steel ‘on street recycling units’ approved by Council

Jul 23, 2010 Comments Off on Recyclable stainless steel ‘on street recycling units’ approved by Council

CIS Street Furniture are proud to offer clients a new stainless steel recycling centre. This product has been developed closely with local councils to meet the stringent requirements of on-street recycling.

The bin is constructed using strong grade 304 satin polished stainless steel and is available with or without timber or coloured banding. The bin has totally separate liners with three side opening doors. An ash tray and stubbing plate are also located in the top of the bin with a separate catch tank to eliminate contamination.

The beauty of using stainless steel is minimal ongoing maintenance and complete corrosion resistance.

More information here or please call the sales department on 01335 300234

Bespoke and Branded Street Furniture from CIS Street Furniture

Jun 24, 2010 Comments Off on Bespoke and Branded Street Furniture from CIS Street Furniture

CIS Street Furniture have worked closely with Local Authorities and Architects to provide bespoke street furniture across different schemes across the country.

Working with several foundries CIS can create new patterns to cover a wide range of cast iron street furniture. CIS Street Furniture also has its own manufacturing plant allowing bespoke products to be manufactured on site in both steel and stainless steel.
A wide range of products can be branded including:-
Finger Posts & Signage
Litter Bins
Planters & Hanging Basket Columns

Whether it be the incorporation of a logo or crest, or a brand new design CIS have the skills and capabilities to design and manufacture bespoke street furniture for any project.
For further information on bespoke products please call the sales department on 01335 300234

bespoke street furniture bespoke street furniture bespoke street furniture

New design street furniture installed in Kiddlington

Jun 19, 2010 Comments Off on New design street furniture installed in Kiddlington

CIS Street Furniture have worked closely with Cherwell District Council to produce a new range of street furniture for the town of Kiddlington.

The design was chosen by the residents of Kiddlington as they felt that the new bespoke street furniture enhanced the town centre and provided a fresh identity to the town centre.
The new range has been manufactured in stainless steel and sepele wood and consists of:-

  • Bus Shelters
  • Planters
  • Hanging Basket Columns
  • Seat shelters
  • Finger post & signage

For further information on bespoke furniture please call the sales department on 01335 300234

497 bin 497 bin 497 bin

CIS Street Furniture launches new contemporary litter bin

Jun 19, 2010 Comments Off on CIS Street Furniture launches new contemporary litter bin

CIS Street Furniture have introduced a new litter bin into their range.

The “497” bin brings a fresh urban design to the litter bin range. The litter bin is 300mm square and is 600mm deep, post mounted it stands at 900mm above the ground. Being post mounted also gives the option of including a second bin which sits back to back to increase the capacity whilst keeping the footprint to a minimum.

A solid steel body supplied galvanised and powder coated to any colour together with a stainless steel top gives a contemporary design, whilst the side opening door gives excellent access to the galvanised steel liner inside, allowing good access for emptying regularly.

The open mounting post gives options for a stainless steel stubbing plate to be fitted or alternatively a crest or logo can be incorporated to give the area branding to the local councils or development.

For further information on this product please call the sales department on 01335 300234
and more information here.

497 bin 497 bin
497 bin 497 bin