Cast Iron Bollards

Bollards are found today in many urban landscapes. They are mainly used to prohibit the use of vehicles within given areas. Often the use of bollards makes pedestrians feel less vulnerable to the passage of traffic in close quarters. CIS Street Furniture specialises in producing a vast range of bollards as shown throughout this section of the brochure. We have over twenty different designs available from stock.

Cast iron is the ultimate recyclable material and most bollards will last 50-100 years even unpainted. A popular myth regarding the use of cast iron is that of corrosion. How many times have you heard that ‘cast iron rusts’? This statement is only partially correct. Unpainted cast iron will lose only around five microns per year. When treated with CIS Street Furniture standard 2-pack epoxy acrylic paint system (specially formulated) it has 5-10 years to first maintenance (subject to service conditions).