Folding Bollards

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Folding bollard installation

For light to medium duty a 3:2:1 concrete mix should be used (sulphate resisting if necessary) assuming ‘good’ soil characteristics.

For heavy duty service the foundation design may require alteration depending on site and expected service conditions.

When the bollard is to be sited on a gradient, please ensure that installation is executed as in fig. 1. In cases where fig. 2 is the only site option available then CIS must be informed at the point of order so that an additional passageway may be factory fitted to allow water to escape from the rear (bollard cap) end of the box.

This data is suggested for non-specific applications only as individual requirements and site conditions may dictate otherwise. Please refer to our technical department for advice in debatable cases.

Due to the fold down nature of this product, vertical adjustment is not possible.