In response to the limitations of hinged gates we have developed a range of pivoting bollard gates. By utilising a bearing in the top portion of the bollard the whole assembly pivots around an internal steel core. With no external moving parts strength and durability are greatly increased. These gates are suitable for single leaf spans of up to five metres. Drop bolts or intermediate bollards can be provided to give extra support. We would also recommend the use of slam posts in order to lock the gate in the open position where single leaves are in excess of three metres. Provision for locking can be made either on the end of larger gates (i.e. three metres or over) or by simple tabs on the base that can be made to restrict opening to either 90°, 180° or 360°.

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Pivoting gate installation details

With this design of gate no hinges are used. The bollard pivots around a solid steel core specially constructed within the confines of the bollard.

Foundations for the gate are dependant upon each gate leaf width. The longer the gate leaf the larger the foundations need to be. We would suggest a minimum foundation size of 600x600x800mm deep. As soil conditions vary we would recommend consulting a qualified Structural Engineer.

The bollard housing needs to be free for movement and therefore should not be part of the foundation detail. Bollard housing should be raised slightly above finish floor level by approx. 5 – 10 mm. This will allow for eventual wear over years of operation.

Pivoting bollard gates are factory lubricated , but may require occasional further lubrication (approximately 2 year intervals dependant upon usage). Provision should be made for locking the gate in both the open and closed positions.

Restrictors can be added at the factory in order to limit the gate in opening only 90 or 180 degrees. Should this be specified ensure that the gate is installed in the correct hand.