Steel bins

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Litter bins – installation

These two options indicate typical fixing arrangements although others may be accommodated. The suggestions are for non-specific applications only as individual service and site conditions may necessitate other methods of fixing.

Please consult our Technical Department for advice.

We recommend as a minimum requirement a concrete base slab of 600mm square or diameter having a depth of no less than 200mm.

The spider arrangement should be clamped in place by the use of an expanding type bolt (approximately M10 in size) centrally anchored at least 120mm into the foundation slab. For areas where higher security is required the centrally mounted bolt can be replaced by four M10 bolts on a 200mm pitch circle diameter – provision has been made for this on the spider unit.

Alternatively the litter bin could be fixed in place permanently using either an epoxy resin grout between the bin base and the foundation slab, or the base lip could be submerged into the concrete foundation to a maximum depth of 10mm above the internal base lip.

Where the finished surface is tarmacadam or blockwork and mechanical fixings are used, then they should penetrate into a suitable foundation as described above.

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