Cast iron shaped seating

CIS Street Furniture has, over a number of years, manufactured many seats to differing designs and configurations. Our Technical Department is able to both design, advise and help with all your requirements.

All timber (managed forestation hardwood as standard) is treated prior to delivery with 2 coats of Sikkens HLSO wood preservative. Standard timber is Iroko but alternatives are available including European Oak, Ash, Sapele, Utile and Western Red Cedar.

Cast ends are supplied in the more popular cast iron. Alternatively ductile iron and aluminium are also available. For the majority, a cast iron seat is normally robust enough for all but the most demanding situations. Every seat supplied as standard is fully finished with metal/castings painted using our airless spray two pack epoxy acrylic system, in the full BS or RAL colour range.

When designing a project using hexagonal, octagonal or circular seats, it may be worth remembering that level ground should be used. If there are multiple slopes involved this will upset the jointing of the seat leading to unsightly gaps in the timber or ultimately after a period of time fracture may occur.

Circular seating is a most striking way of achieving a focal point. Timbers are specially curved to accommodate a radius of your choice. The practical minimum radius possible is 700mm (internal measured from the back of seat). There is no limit (other than your budget) as to how large this seat can be manufactured. Both full and half sections are available.

Curved seats are a less expensive option to full circular seat systems (dependant upon size). Our type 512 is particularly suitable for this purpose and is available as a part curve or semi circle, formed to a radius of your choice.

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Cast iron seating installation

Wanton vandalism like this is easily prevented by following our simple installation guidelines.

These two options indicate typical fixing arrangements although others may be accommodated.

The suggestions are for non-specific applications only as individual service and site conditions may necessitate other methods of fixing.

Please consult our Technical Department for advice.


Anti-theft seat fixings can be supplied as shown. Dependant upon the site you may chose either two per seat (diametrically opposed) or four (one per leg) for higher security.

Should the seat need to be removed for any reason, then it will be necessary to drill out the retaining bolts on site.