Steel Seating

All-steel seating is intrinsically anti-vandal due to it’s strength and non-combustible properties.

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Cast iron seating installation

Wanton vandalism like this is easily prevented by following our simple installation guidelines.

These two options indicate typical fixing arrangements although others may be accommodated.

The suggestions are for non-specific applications only as individual service and site conditions may necessitate other methods of fixing.

Please consult our Technical Department for advice.


Anti-theft seat fixings can be supplied as shown. Dependant upon the site you may chose either two per seat (diametrically opposed) or four (one per leg) for higher security.

Should the seat need to be removed for any reason, then it will be necessary to drill out the retaining bolts on site.

Stainless steel installation care​

A guide to handling stainless steel products when they arrive on site and the care required when installing.

Stainless steel aftercare

A guide to keeping stainless steel street furniture looking its best, year after year.

Seat customisation

All seats can be customised to suit your requirements. We specialise in the laser etching of timbers with logos and wording. This provides a more permanent method than mounting plaques to seat timbers. Alternatively the traditional fitment of brass or stainless steel dedication plaques are still available to be specified.