Kerb Protection

The 193 kerb protection bollard has been developed with leading local authority engineers as a method of preventing vehicles coming into contact with railings and pedestrians.

However as this bollard is manufactured in ductile iron, it is almost unbreakable!

Sitting like an iceberg with most of the bollard below ground level it is quite inconspicuous and would give excellent levels of protection against ram raid attacks and prevent unauthorised entry to public buildings or businesses.
When used in a security situation we would recommend placing at intervals no greater than 1.1m.

A row of these bollards would be a very effective cordon and protect against all but the strongest of attacks.

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Kerb protection installation details

Bollard 193 has been designed to deflect lorry trailer wheels, thus preventing them from mounting kerbs and damaging railings or pedestrians.

The bollard kerb face profile suits standard half batter kerbs to BS 7263 part1:1994. This bollard should only be used as part of the kerbline, (as shown opposite) and should not be set back within the paved area beyond the kerb.

Lifting eyes are cast within the bollard to facilitate easy site lifting via fork lifts, hiabs or similar vehicles. Care is required when handling, as this bollard weighs in excess of 200kgs.

Lifetime guarantee of Pavement Protection Bollard

CIS Street Furniture offer a lifetime guarantee on its type 193 kerb protection bollard when installed by ourselves. This offer does not affect your statutory rights. Guarantee is against breakage or uprooting of the product in normal working conditions (once fitted and after all concrete is fully cured). Certificate of installation to be provided with any claim. Guarantee covers a replacement bollard but does not include re-installation of the new product.