Octagonal and hexagonal bins are an excellent way of enhancing town centre environments and are a welcome change from the more common square or round designs.
All types of bin are able to accept customisation. CIS Street Furniture has considerable experience in adding foreign languages, motifs, logos and sponsorship plaques to the full range of products.
If you are planning to use the bins in an internal environment then why not specify the incorporation of ashtrays to the top of the bin? Almost any bin can be converted to achieve this.
All bins are provided with tough, strong galvanised steel liners. We would also recommend that they are used in conjunction with supplementary plastic bin liners, as certain types of litter are strong in acids and may have detrimental effects leading to a seepage of effluent from the confines of any bin.
You may wish to specify the use of plastic liners which are available for most types of bin, or alternatively our 463 cast litter bin is designed to accept a wheelie bin liner and is highlighted on here.

Cast iron with door

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Dimensions400 × 975 mm


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