Steel bollards

170 173 174 175 176 178 179

Four diameters available: 114mm, 140mm, 168mm and 194mm.
Five heights available: 535mm, 640, 770mm, 950mm and 1200mm.
All available in either 300mm rooted or rootless flanged versions.
Illustrated using bollard type 173 as an example.

Rooted bollard installation details

Bollards should always be securely fixed in 3:2:1 concrete mix, sulphate resisting if necessary. Certain sites, (dependant upon location) may require a quick setting concrete to be used.
Extended roots are recommended for bollards where paving and bedding material take up more than a third of the standard 300mm bollard root length.
Ensure that concrete fill is allowed to fall within the root window (where provided), this will anchor the bollard more securely.
No product must ever be rolled or dropped during site installation. We recommend that individual packaging material is left in place as long as possible during the installation process to minimise the potential damage.
Great care is needed when installing finished painted products. Given the weight of most designs, paint damage most often occurs during installation. Touch up paint is available (at a cost), call our Sales office for further information.

Flanged bollard installation details

These two options indicate typical fixing arrangements although others may be accommodated.
The suggestions are for non-specific applications only, as individual service & site conditions may necessitate other methods of fixing.