Pavement Protection

The 193 pavement protection bollard has been developed in cooperation with local authority engineers, who in the past had to deal with the after effects of vehicles mounting pavements leading to damaged paving, bent guard railing, loosened kerb stones and injured pedestrians.

CIS’s exclusive design pavement protection bollard is designed as superior alternative to the old traditional “Bell” type bollards and offers higher functionality in a smaller space.

Manufactured in the UK from ductile iron the bollards will help prevent damage caused by the over run of large vehicles and buses to tight corners and turning areas.

The 193 is very useful on tight curves, entrances to buildings and industrial estates or to protect equipment like traffic lights and fuel pumps.

The shape is designed to integrate with the kerb, being very slim above ground and taking up little pavement area, so giving an uncluttered look to the narrowest of pavements. The kerb face profile suits standard half batter concrete kerbs to BS7263 part 1:1994.

Just the situation our 193 bollard is designed to prevent.

Height above ground: 540mm, Base: 300x600mm, Root: 500mm
Careful design led to an almost iceberg-like shape, transmitting loads across a wide area. Casting in ductile iron makes it virtually unbreakable.
PDF technical data sheet DS193 datasheet (right-click if you want download it).

DRD Roads Service, N. Ireland
Just a short note to confirm that we have completed installation of two more Type 193 bollards at a new zebra crossing in Kilrea, Co. Londonderry.

Again they have already proved successful in protecting railing and kerbing from overrun at a tight radius junction.

The two we first installed in 2006 are still performing well at the site in Coleraine and we have never had any railing damage.

They really are a great product.
Senior engineer, Traffic Section

Lifetime guarantee of Pavement Protection Bollard

CIS Street Furniture offer a lifetime guarantee on its type 193 kerb protection bollard when installed by ourselves. This offer does not affect your statutory rights. Guarantee is against breakage or uprooting of the product in normal working conditions (once fitted and after all concrete is fully cured). Certificate of installation to be provided with any claim. Guarantee covers a replacement bollard but does not include re-installation of the new product.

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Bollard 193 has been designed to deflect lorry trailer wheels, thus preventing them from mounting kerbs and damaging railings or pedestrians.
The bollard kerb face profile suits standard half batter kerbs to BS 7263 part1:1994. This bollard should only be used as part of the kerbline, (as shown opposite) and should not be set back within the paved area beyond the kerb.
Lifting eyes are cast within the bollard to facilitate easy site lifting via fork lifts, hiabs or similar vehicles. Care is required when handling, as this bollard weighs in excess of 200kgs.