Bespoke designs

499 image76.gif 499 cast litter bins feature a side opening door and galvanised steel liner. Designed by the artist Tess Jaray for Leeds NHS Trust, they are being used within Jubilee Square at the Leeds General Infirmary. The engineering design, pattern making, casting and finishing were the responsibility of CIS Street Furniture.
498 millennium binmillennium bin The Millennium bin range was specifically designed to meet the needs of the Millennium Dome development. After careful consideration and discussions with the architects and management team, it was decided that a non metallic bin would be needed. Their brief required approximately 700 litter bins of differing styles. In the main dome and surrounding grounds a simple large capacity side opening bin would be required. On the other hand, due to the terrorist threat, bomb resistant bins would be required for the entrance area. A requirement for the coach parking area was provision of a larger bin that would cater for a greater collection of litter.