Cast iron planters

801 – Taunton planter
Height: 800mm (excl. feet) – Width: 700mm sq
The 801 planter offers a very deep planting base suitable for more mature plants or even some small types of tree. There is good provision within the base for drainage.
Feet are also added underneath the planter for easy movement on site (via the use of forklift trucks). This allows planters to be moved around thus a changing street scene can be created.
Liners provided as standard with this design are simple damp proof membranes but others are available which include mesh, plastic and galvanised steel.
Height: 500mm (excl. feet) – Width: 1000mm sq
The 808 planter offers a much shallower planting depth and is wider at the base. It functions superbly with a combination of shrubs, mature plants and bedding plants.
Cast planters are ideal for customisation and are easily adapted with the additions of crests and logos. Colour can also be personalised with the raised bands being picked out in a contrasting style.
Given the longevity of cast iron, with simple maintenance these cast planters should be capable of giving people pleasure for many years.