Timber/Cast iron planters


Width: 1200mm sq modules (illus. 2×2)

The 850 type planter is the most versatile within the range. Its modular construction gives many varying sizes, based around the size of 1.2 metres.
It’s composite construction combines cast, steel and timber elements, giving the benefit of robustness with style. By picking out certain features in contrasting colours striking combinations can become available.
Planters available above 1.2m square are supplied to site in modules. A simple on site bolting arrangement secures sections together prior to filling with planting medium.
Each planter supplied has a separate 1.2m square GRP liner which is placed in position after site assembly.
In line with our policy of client liaison during the design process, feet have been provided at the base. This gives access to forklift trucks to facilitate easy movement around the site.


Height: 700mm – Width: 1200mm sq modules (illus. 2×2)

Design type 852 utilises shapes taken from our best-selling 106 type bollard. This can be used to complement other Street Furniture within a scheme.
Any bollard from our standard range can be adapted for this application.
For assistance with your choice please contact our sales office.
This design shares all the attributes of our type 850 planter and includes GRP liners.
Alternative lining materials include mesh liners, plastic or damp proof membranes. Feet have been provided at the base to give access to forklift trucks facilitating movement around site.


Designers can use the 850 series of planters to give originality to a project. Many differing configurations are possible. Have you considered an ‘L’ shape arrangement? Or how about using them as traffic management within a traffic calming scheme?
Our triangular planter type 853 and 854 would make an excellent traffic management aid. Their sheer weight would make them immovable without lifting equipment. Give way or keep left signs can be attached and reflective tape/paint can be added for extra night-time visual awareness.
For guidance on how to use these products within your project give our sales office a call.