Pedestrian barriers

Crowd barriers

Type 290 freestanding galvanised steel barriers interlock to form a secure run when fixed at the ends. The feet, which are removable for compact storage, are non-interfering and allow barriers to be set at any angle.

Height: 1075mm, Width: 2460mm, Leg spread: 600mm, Bar gap: 120mm, Frame dia: 38mm, Verticals dia: 20mm

Pedestrian barriers

Standard pedestrian guard rail types 280-285 are of galvanised steel construction. Conforming to the current BS 7818 specification they offer good protection in pedestrian areas. These designs are widely used throughout the UK.

All standard panels are 2 metres wide and may be supplied as full height or including a view rail, and with in-line or offset verticals. Non standard panel lengths are available made to order.

280 or 282 281 or 285
In-line verticals
280 and 281
Offset verticals
282 and 285