Anti ram-raid protection

194RR anti ram raid 194RR anti ram raid 194RR anti ram raid

194rr is a fold down bollard which can be locked in the up position or tucked neatly into a box when not required. As shown in the photographs it will absorb the impact of a car quite satisfactorily. This vehicle was rendered immobile with one bollard piercing the passenger footwell.
199 199x
A more cost-effective alternative is the strengthening of cast bollards by the addition of a core to the inner section of the bollard. Two options are available.
Core only (199x): A steel core is bonded to the inside of the bollard with sand and cement. This extends the bollard root to approx. 500mm. This should then be fixed to a suitable foundation.
Full System (199): A steel core is added to a bollard as above. Also supplied is a below ground metal casing. The bollard is set in the casing and packed with pea gravel. The top quarter is concreted as normal. The impact of a motor vehicle will be absorbed such that the bollard will deflect to an angle of approx. 40 degrees to the ground. This should render the vehicle immobile.

Steel bollards

Possibly the strongest security bollards are the range of steel bollards we offer.
All can be manufactured using a 10mm thick wall thickness, and without a lower recess at 168mm diameter will give a spot impact resistance of some 30 tonnes (we recommend you take the advise of a structural engineer and design with this in mind). Various heights and diameters are available from 770mm above ground to 1.2m above ground. We would recommend a minimum 500mm root depth for all these designs. All recesses are fully machined along with the top, giving consistent quality along with their robust design. Bollards are galvanised  and primed prior to the addition of a 2 pack acrylic gloss paint. All bollards can be strengthened further with the addition of our type 199 and 199x ram raid cores.

170 173 174 175 176 178 179

Four diameters available: 114mm, 140mm, 168mm and 194mm.
Five heights available: 535mm, 640, 770mm, 950mm and 1200mm.
All available in either 300mm rooted or rootless flanged versions.

Illustrated using bollard type 173 as an example.

Telescopic bollards

1903 Telescopic security bollards are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, ranging from anti theft devices to outright ram raid protection.
Inconspicuous during the daytime and ensuring maximum security at night, these bollards are preventing theft of vehicles, trailers, caravans, and are present in most town centres and are widely used to protect retail premises.
Height above ground Depth below ground Post width Wall thickness Description
1903 670mm 930mm 90mm dia 8mm Round telescopic anti-ram security post
1904 850mm 1110mm 114mm dia 5mm Round telescopic anti-ram security post
1906 670mm 930m 90mm sq 8m Square telescopic anti-ram security post

Composite bollards

A range of complementary composite bollards are available to guard against ram raiding. Bollards can be strengthened as standard using our 199 and 199x reinforced anti ram cores or simply specified with a 10mm thick wall thickness.
When used as a security bollard we would recommend a minimum of 1m above ground with a minimum of a 500mm deep root. Using 10mm wall thickness gives unparalleled performance, the material alone at 168mm diameter will absorb a spot impact of some 30 tonnes, subject to suitable ground conditions, (we recommend you take the advise of a structural engineer and design with this in mind). Castings on these bollards are purely decorative and not structural.
A range of heights and diameters are available, see below for further information.

All have a body diameter of 114mm and are available in heights of 750, 900 and 1100mm. Root depth is 300mm. We can supply with or without the loose fitting cover plate type 1550. Diameter 168mm, height 930mm, root 360mm. Loose fitting cover plate
150 151 152 156 157 158 1550
diameter in mm
114 140 168
750 900 1100 750 900 1100 750 900 1100
height in mm