Finger posts

The finger post is a well proven means of giving clear directions to pedestrians.
The styles available are suitable for all locations. Type 701 is fully cast, others feature a cast/steel base with a steel column.
All posts support fingers of varying sizes and a choice of finials. Power access doors and flanged bases are optional.
Within a scheme it is often desirable to make all columns the same height. To achieve this, spacer rings are available so that dimension ‘A’ may remain constant regardless of the number or size of fingers chosen.
We can also provide half boss interlocking fingers to reduce the overall height. However, this option should only be used when absolutely necessary because of reduced strength.

701-f 701-r 702 703 704
705 706 707

Sign fingers

Cast aluminium fingers are in three sizes to take one, two or three lines of text. Any combination may be used together. Our sales staff can help decide the required finger based on length and number of words/symbols etc. Finger arms can be manufactured with split bosses to facilitate clamping to existing posts of most types.

711 w: 800mm h:95mm
712 w: 800mm h:155mm
713 w: 800mm h:215mm
714 w: 800mm h:95mm
715 w: 800mm h:155mm
721 w: 800mm h:95mm
722 w: 800mm h:155mm
723 w: 800mm h:215mm


Within a scheme it is often desirable to make all columns the same height. To achieve this spacer rings are available so column height remains constant regardless of the number or size of fingers chosen. Spacer rings are often used on schemes where it may be necessary to add finger arms at a later date. We recommended that you always use a minimum of two rings per column. These can be placed at the top and base of fingers. If this is done throughout a scheme then in years to come modifications can be made quickly and easily.

724 95mm high
725 155mm high
726 215mm high

Finger layout and typefaces

The positioning of text has a great bearing on its appearance. It is worth remembering that the Department of Transport guidelines say that wording should be no smaller than 35mm on traffic related signs. Our sales office can offer guidance on this if you require. With many hundreds of typefaces available, choosing one of them can seem daunting. As an aid we have carefully selected four of these as standard for use on finger posts and notice boards. The capital height of each style is approximately 44mm. We supply draft layouts of the fingers for approval, before casting.

Style A – Text fully centred, both sides of fingers
Style B – Block centred on finger
Text ranged left both sides
Style D – Text ranged to end, both sides of finger
Style E – Text ranged to boss, both sides of finger
Style C – Block centred on finger
Text ranged left or right
A small selection of many symbols available for use on cast fingers
Our two standard typefaces are Times Bold and Helvetica Bold at 35mm capitals height (current DDA recommendation). Other fonts are available at extra cost.


Columns for finger posts and notice boards may be topped by a variety of completely interchangeable shapes and sizes of finial.
731 is an example that has been designed by a customer to convey a regional identity.
Finials 734 to 737 are designed to complement popular styles of vehicle control bollards.

738 730 731 732 733 734 735 736 737
w: 300mm
h: 380mm
w: 300mm
h: 380mm
w: 110mm
h: 305mm
w: 135mm
h: 135mm
w: 170mm
h: 295mm
w: 180mm
h: 300mm
w: 160mm
h: 230mm
w: 115mm
h: 225mm
w: 115mm
h: 120mm

The 730 and 738 finials may be used with or without lettering.


Installation details

Finger sign fixing

As standard a 1 – 1.5 metre length of plain galvanised tube is supplied with all finger posts. The fingers are to be sleeved over making sure spacer rings (if specified) are in place. Make an allowance for the finial and site cut the tube to the required length. Point fingers in the appropriate directions and tighten grub screws located to the rear of the boss. When specifying it may be prudent to allow for 1 or 2 spacer rings in order that extra fingers may be added at a later date. Fingers may be permanently fixed in position by replacement of the grubscrews with steel pins (not supplied) inserted through a site drilled hole.

Finger post installation

The foundation designs illustrated are suggestions only, as site conditions and service loadings may dictate otherwise. Foundation bolts are not supplied as standard but may be provided if requested. Our sales staff will assist. The concrete should be at least 3:2:1 mix, sulphate resisting if necessary. The steel finger spigot is supplied 1500mm long for site cutting to length by the installation contractor. Please make provision for an extra 50mm for fitment of the finial, as illustrated. The steel finger spigot can be increased in length at a later date by provision of a CIS adaptor. Please ensure that the FFL to underside of the first finger distance is a minimum of 2.25m to reduce pedestrian hazard. The lifting of fingers may be achieved with the use of spacers, available on request.