Hanging baskets

Hanging basket columns

A brilliant way of adding colour to town centres, esplanades etc. is the use of hanging basket columns. A few of these dotted around will liven up any town centre.
The range of columns available matches those used as finger columns, therefore it is possible to use a bollard base to suit other items within a scheme.
Standard brackets are manufactured from ductile iron or steel and can be especially designed if required.
Columns are available with or without self-watering systems. A choice of finial is also offered to suit.
All columns (except 701) are of a composite design and have steel on their core materials. Embellishments are only added as a decorative feature and are not structural.


Hanging basket outreach brackets

Hanging bracket outreach brackets 7003 – 7005 are equally suitable for wall mounting to add to your design versatility. For ordering codes please use the column reference number followed by the finial, bracket and arm configuration numbers e.g. 701/734/7001/x.
7001 7004
7002 7005
7003 7005

Arm configurations



Columns for finger posts and notice boards may be topped by a variety of completely interchangeable shapes and sizes of finial.
731 is an example that has been designed by a customer to convey a regional identity.
Finials 734 to 737 are designed to complement popular styles of vehicle control bollards.

738 730 731 732 733 734 735 736 737
w: 300mm
h: 380mm
w: 300mm
h: 380mm
w: 110mm
h: 305mm
w: 135mm
h: 135mm
w: 170mm
h: 295mm
w: 180mm
h: 300mm
w: 160mm
h: 230mm
w: 115mm
h: 225mm
w: 115mm
h: 120mm


700SS Stainless steel planters from CIS Street Furniture

Hanging basket column option for 810SS planter
Material: Stainless Steel
Two outreach arms

Data sheet
DS700ss-HB datasheet