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CIS Street Furniture launches new contemporary litter bin

12th June 2019

CIS Street Furniture have introduced a new litter bin into their range.
The “497” bin brings a fresh urban design to the litter bin range. The litter bin is 300mm square and is 600mm deep, post mounted it stands at 900mm above the ground. Being post mounted also gives the option of including a second bin which sits back to back to increase the capacity whilst keeping the footprint to a minimum.

A solid steel body supplied galvanised and powder coated to any colour together with a stainless steel top gives a contemporary design, whilst the side opening door gives excellent access to the galvanised steel liner inside, allowing good access for emptying regularly.

The open mounting post gives options for a stainless steel stubbing plate to be fitted or alternatively a crest or logo can be incorporated to give the area branding to the local councils or development.

For further information on this product please call the sales department on 01335 300234 and more information here.