Resin bound porous tree grilles

Using a design of aggregate and resin bonded stone along with a galvanised steel subframe and multi-tray system, CIS Street Furniture is able to offer up to 100% porous SUDs compliant tree grille available to the UK market.

The need for trees in urban areas

Trees help to improve the quality of life for the millions of people who live and work in urban areas, and since the UK is one of the most urbanised societies in the world, it is a very good place to show how the urban forest can contribute to sustainable development.


Trees are an important part of our natural life support system; they have a vital role to play in the sustainability of our towns and cities and we need to take better care of them, both now and in the future, yet we see them starved of natural food and water and damaged at their roots by earthworks, particularly in developed areas of towns and car parks. As a result of the built environment compaction can inhibit or prevent natural root growth. As the root systems of trees search for water and nutrients they can cause damage to pavements and interfere with underground services such as: water pipes, gas pipes and electrical ducts. In extreme cases root systems can undermine the foundations of buildings. The effect on the area around a tree can thus be problematic and lead to expensive repair work having to be undertaken. In certain situations trees may even have to be removed.


Traditional tree grilles do not maximise their surface area for water run off and instead often rely on complex watering systems to carry water direct to their root systems. Our pavior grilles allow the possibility of 100% of water to flow directly through to the tree roots. The pavior grilles still prevent soil compaction, (one of the biggest killers of trees) and allow an abundance of water to drain through to the heart of the root unhindered. All grilles and frames are installed as per standard tree grilles with grilles supplied in loadings to meet the BS EN124 standard for manholes and gratings. As standard grilles are supplied ready filled in a range of colours, this allows rapid completion of site works, which minimises delays and disruption to surrounding areas. Alternatively grilles can be specified unfilled.

The product is available in a range of different colours and textures giving every finish from contemporary to classic. Every piece of stone is resin bound to form a perfectly smooth and rigid paved area with all the aesthetics of a gravel finish but none of the problems. The surface is easy to walk on, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. It allows water to drain straight through in the most environmentally friendly way and it requires no planning consent under SUDS legislation.