This truly unique, flexible but rigid bollard is designed to outwardly look like a standard bollard, however when a force is applied to it special compounds in the polyurethane will deform allowing the bollard to bend up to 90 degrees. In fact the whole bollard can be run over and will self right in a matter of seconds. All this with little or no damage to itself and minimal or no damage to vehicles.

Flexi-boll is also available as an illuminated bollard with all of the above properties remaining intact along with an option for solar power in lieu of mains electricity. This makes the product ideal for remote roads and utilities allowing the use of energy saving carbon credits.

The Flexi-Boll range is offered with traditional or contemporary styling and a wide choice of colours with a base material of the same colour meaning minimal or no maintenance is required. This product is ideal for areas where vehicles come into contact with bollards marked for demarcation of traffic and either obstacles or pedestrians.

For extra security (such as outside shop fronts) a steel core filled with concrete can be added giving ram raid resistance to sensitive areas whilst retaining the material properties of the standard more flexible bollard elsewhere on your development. This product is ideal for the following areas of use:

  • Supermarket Car Parks
  • Airports, both air-side and non air-side
  • Ports, for vehicle holding areas
  • Roadside junction demarcation
  • Industrial Estates
  • Retail Parks
  • Town Centres
  • Cycle Lanes
  • Bus depots and Bus Stations
  • Train Station Car Parks and Drop off Points
  • Park and Ride Sites
  • Theme Parks and Visitor Attractions

In fact the permutations are almost limitless; why not download our PDF brochure (link at bottom of this page) to find out more regarding this truly remarkable product. Alternatively contact our sales department on: 01483 203 388 or send an email to for further information.

The Flexi-Boll evolved from a search for a material that is capable of deterring traffic but also flexible to avoid the high cost of repairs due to impact. Blendtec® is a high performance polyurethane casting created specifically for the urban sector, reinforcing composite polymeric nanoparticles and uses no internal metal reinforcements.

Casting polyurethanes allow an infinite number of formulations and combinations so creating specific materials for each industrial sector combining high elasticity, hardness, durability, resistance to extreme temperatures, and impact resistance.

Flexi-Boll fixed flexible bollards
Flexi-Boll illuminated flexible bollards
Flexi-Boll retractable flexible bollards
Flexi-Boll cycle lane bollards