Case study

New siganage for Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne

12th June 2019

Sovereign Harbour Marina is one of the UK’s largest marinas and a natural first port of call for international visitors crossing from the continent. Nestled within the picturesque town of Eastbourne at the foot of the South Downs, Sovereign Marina Harbour is a great place to visit. The marina boasts superb accommodation for boat owners with a comprehensive range of facilities, boat mooring for vessels up to 24m in length and 24hour lock controlled sea access, which is not tidal dependant.

Lacking in clear contemporary signs Sovereign Harbour approached CIS Street Furniture to produce a range of contemporary signage for the project. Large cast aluminium entry signs were designed to replicate the flowing lines of the Sovereign harbour logo. This theme followed on for further signage throughout the development. Shoppers needed clear concise signs to direct them to the shopping facilities. These were placed at a relatively low level to aid the disabled and partially sighted.

Directory signs were also placed within the shopping areas in an effort to direct people to relevant shopping areas. These signs were extruded aluminium with screen-printed graphics and included both wall mounted and post mounted signs. These signs had to have a degree of interchangeability about them, as some companies change from year to year. Sovereign harbour were also given a number of blank signs, this would enable them to get individual signs screen printed locally at a later date.

At last Sovereign harbour had the clear contemporary signage it had always wanted, courtesy of CIS Street Furniture.