Case study

Street furniture package for North Ormesby

12th June 2019

Redevelopment of North Ormesby Market Square

Following the recent developments around the Market square, a developer’s contribution has been secured to fund environmental improvements to the market place and surrounding areas. After detailed consultation with partners, traders and the local community, plans have been agreed for the design of the square, and work begin on site in February 2011.

The Market Place layout must combine functionality with attractiveness. The design is based upon creating an area that can operate well as a market place by combining sufficient numbers of well laid out trading pitches with some associated parking, whilst also providing an attractive, multi-purpose public space when the market it not taking place. The relationship of the market to Kings Road will be strengthened which should benefit the local economy.

The works will comprise:

  • Resurfacing of the square, with the introduction on contrasting materials, and creation of more formalised parking bays to the perimeter of the square
  • Limited tree planting within the new parking areas to add some vertical elements that are currently lacking
  • The introduction of bollards and street furniture to ensure the centre of the square will be traffic free on non-market day, which will have the added benefit of controlling traffic movement within the area
  • Demolition of the existing unsightly amenity block, and the formation of replacement facilities in an existing shop unit at 36 Market Place
  • New lighting will be installed throughout the square and along Kings Road.
  • Banners will be installed on the lighting columns and replaced with Christmas lights during the festive period