The finger post is a well proven means of giving clear directions to pedestrians.
The styles available are suitable for all locations. Type 701 is fully cast, others feature a cast/steel base with a steel column.

All posts support fingers of varying sizes and a choice of finials. Power access doors and flanged bases are optional.
Within a scheme it is often desirable to make all columns the same height. To achieve this, spacer rings are available so that dimension ‘A’ may remain constant regardless of the number or size of fingers chosen.
We can also provide half boss interlocking fingers to reduce the overall height. However, this option should only be used when absolutely necessary because of reduced strength.

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Crests and logos

Crests are available to fit most styles of bollard. It is essential that good quality artwork is provided by the customer in order that crests/logos can replicate the original designs.

Section ‘A’ shows a shouldered and flat face to the crest that is required if the diameter ‘D’ is less than 75mm. Section ‘B’ shows a curved face crest for bollards over 75mm diameter.